Bilingualism in eduqa


In eduqa we have one clear objective:

To provide the best English teaching from a very young age!

For this purpose, we have created a program for children in both infant and junior stages, to develop English through a fun combination of activities, workshops, games, drama – all with a magical atmosphere and total immersion of the English language.

It takes into account the interests, needs and motivations of children to allow them to develop in an entertaining way. Children learn English in a fun way, according to their age and level. They learn the language by doing daily activities- encouraging the use, understanding and flexibility in the language.

The main objectives of our method of English are:

  • Know and learn English through active education and participation.
  • Acquire the ability and skill in the language, active listening and use.
  • Encourage the child to use English vocabulary through development of conversations, games and performances.
  • Learning to think in English
  • Carry out dynamic participatory activities allowing more socialized and group treatment.
  • Achieve these learnings in an open and friendly atmosphere.

Our method is based on the natural and sequential learning system and emulates the way people learn their mother tongue.

Classes are communicative and entertaining, based on conversation, games and exercises for the child to have fun and enjoy their time in class but also whilst listening and practicing the language without even realizing it.

Through games, stories and songs, the younger children begin to recognize and understand the language naturally yet structured. They learn the sounds and intonation of colloquial expressions by imitation.  They learn English songs, first listening and then they are able to understand and learn to use the language to acquire good communication.

We have designed our classroom spaces to obtain the best results.