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How it was made

Hello and a warm welcome from the editors!!

eduqa’s WORLD MAGAZINE #1 download

eduqa's World magazine #1

We want to thank everybody  who contributed to this issue, who made this newspaper possible.

We have produced many brilliant articles, such as “eduqa´s shows”, “What happens inside the classrooms?”… Take a look inside!!

The idea to create eduqa´s World came to us because we have a variety of interesting and fun activities for both students and the teachers. Since many of these activities are not known to the rest of the members of the educational community ( mainly families…) we decided that we could document them and make them known in the form of a scholastic newspaper. That way we can write about some of the things that happen here in eduqa.

It was of outmost  importance  for this project  the children themselves, who have served as our little editors.

Our students from Nursery and Reception have become editors, as well as some from Tweenies as co-editors collaborating for a few of our news articles.

We consider this Newspaper as an educational resource, which facilitates the participation of the entire community (Teachers, children…)

The production of this newspaper is a practical way to put into practice and develop capabilities in areas such as expression, creative crafts, teamwork…

This newspaper has allowed our  kids to work on writing texts, drawing their stories, taking pictures of what they have made, choosing images to complete given texts, chronologically organizing events and news, which has allowed us to work on different skills such as reading, verbal communication, writing…

Team work has been an essential tool : some wrote the title, others made the drawings to illustrate the article, some wrote the story, others searched for relevant photos, some copied small descriptive texts and footnotes, etc.

Of course we would like to congratulate our children, our teachers and everybody who has work on this wonderful experience, everyone’s  work has been superb and we do hope you will like it.

eduqa’s WORLD MAGAZINE #1 download

eduqa's World magazine #1
eduqa’s World magazine #1