Pedagogical approach

eduqa’s team, together with Reyes Hernández (professor at the Autonomous University of Madrid with a PhD in education), and Ruth Martinez-Borda (professor at the University of Alcalá de Henares with a PhD in developmental psychology), have developed their own educational method. The method includes teaching materials, schedules, forms, evaluations etc, and also has a specific project of psychomotor learning.

An atmosphere full of affection and trust, where the child feels safe and can therefor develop their self-esteem, social integration and grow to their full potential.

eduqa creates a pleasant and welcoming space, from the facilities, lighting and decorations to the affection that is always present. This gives the child the security needed to explore his environment, develop constructive learning and lay the foundations in structuring their personality.

The close relationship with each family; the personal, flexible and caring treatment creates this nurturing environment that flows throughout the school.

We try to be a point of support in the education of families, always including home-school collaboration to ensure the continuity of educational purposes.

The excellence of our educational project

eduqa has a serious and ambitious curriculum proposal and an effective methodology based on the latest pedagogical trends.

The quality of our service

Quality is the fundamental support of eduqa schools and it is present in all levels: material, human and management.

The child is happy in eduqa

Happiness allows children to develop safely in a balanced form and progress in different stages of their development, which is so dynamic in these early ages.

Integral Education

We pursue an integral Education, and believe that a true education must achieve the growth of a child in all areas: social, cognitive, affective and motivation.

Our work in the school will be focused on encouraging the child’s independence. We look to promote, through designed and thoughtful actions, their self-esteem as well as enhancing their social and expressive skills. We work with the expression of basic emotions, always in a positive way, encouraging developing emotional intelligence.

For this purpose, we have specific programs of self-esteem, social skills, emotional intelligence, and values of education, discipline and self-control. These are programs with the main objective of acquiring values and skills that are not based on the content or materials of the curriculum.

Our goal is not only that children possess a high level of academic skills, but that they also go on forming a series of habits and values (Sharing, happiness, generosity…)

Psychomotor development

The key objective is to achieve an appropriate psychomotor development that promotes the global progression of the child.

In the first few years of life, a child has their first challenges of learning and expressing their body. It’s through their body movements in relation to objects, space and others that they will become aware of the possibilities, which will provide a balanced psychomotor development. Consequently, they won’t just achieve objectives of movement, but also intellectual, relational, emotional, social…

eduqa has a specific psychomotor program.

Development of a second language through total immersion
In eduqa we specialize in teaching English from an early age. For this purpose, we have created a specific program for children in infancy to develop English through a fun combination of activities, games, songs, drama and complete immersion in the language with which they develop naturally and spontaneously.

Our teaching method is that our children learn through play, and by which they pick up English with the same ease as Spanish.


Thanks to our teaching method and how we apply it, we obtain the best and the most effective form of learning.

Meaningful learning

Relying on the skills a child already has, we create the right conditions for new learning. The practice of this new learning in useful and necessary situations ensures that we achieve progression. We start from the most practical or experiential and from there move on to the more conceptual.

Learning through habits and routines

From a spatiotemporal sequencing study, we will provide our children with a framework and security that enhances cognitive processes and learning.

Active learning: learning though stimulation corners.

As the child is capable of leading their own development process autonomously, they can do so in a rich and stimulating environment that we have designed for this purpose.

eduqa provides children with great opportunities to explore, discover and experience the environment.

Learn through play and action.

Games with a fundamental didactic element to them, are included in the daily schedule of activities at the school.

Learning from workshops and celebrations.

Children learn whilst being together and having fun. Creativity becomes the key of knowledge.

Parties and celebrations help us to reinforce school activities in a fun and festive atmosphere where children learn with greater motivation and willingness.

In eduqa we celebrate all that is celebratable; autumn party, Halloween, book week, celebrations of our favourite story book characters, Easter egg hunt etc.

Workshops are another resource for learning, where we use elements of everyday tasks: ceramics, cooking, etc, plus educational materials themselves.