Service and solutions

eduqa services are designed to suit the specific needs of each client. We devote considerable efforts in understanding their requirements and offer different solutions when necessary. Our services optimise all available resources which maximizes the satisfaction of parents and the corporation.

eduqa’s facilities
  • IMPLANT: A nursery located within or in the vicinity of the company. Dedicated exclusively to the children of the employees of your company and adapted in size, timetables as well as costs to the particular needs of each organisation. Their private adapts to dynamic business environments.
  • EDUQA CENTRE:  A nursery placed inside a Business Area. The services of the nursery are shared among various companies. The access to the school could be exclusive for the businesses in the Area or open to the general public. This type of nursery is interesting for Business Parks, industrial states, financial centres, etc.
  • PLAYGROUPS: This is a play area of games and playtime where children take part in fun activities which contribute to their development. They are common in shopping centres, supermarkets and waiting areas – airports, stations etc.
    See current playgroup arrangements
Other services
  • AFTER SCHOOLS ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS. In non-teaching periods such as Christmas, Easter, school holidays etc. where parents have to take daily care of their children, Eduqa organises activities and events.
    • At work: craft workshops, balloon twisting, ceramics, music, storytelling, puppets, clowns and parties
    • In the city: theatre, circus, concerts, amusement parks etc.
    • In the countryside: educational farm outings, trips etc.
    • In their own schools

Our team is responsible for all preparation, furniture, cleaning, supplies, transport, reservations etc… so that parents can work calmly.

  • SUMMER SCHOOL: Eduqa organises summer schools the last week of June as well as the months of July and August. Developed recreational activities are an important component of the classes.
  • PARENT’S SCHOOL: In our parents’ school, professionals and experts will discuss current issues for the successful happy development of your children: food, sleep, play, behaviour etc. We also organise sessions for parents to spend time and enjoy their children within the school environment through gymnastics, massage, play etc.