eduqa escuelas infantiles en empresas

Welcome, company. Welcome, institution.

eduqa consultancy and management of nursery school within organisations, specialises in the consulting, development and project management of childhood education within the working environment (especially nursery schools and playgroups.)

Our goal is to improve employee productivity and profit from businesses through the development of a more efficient working environment.

eduqa works with companies and institutions committed towards social responsibility, those who recognize that they key to success lies within human capital.

eduqa’s committee is formed by a group of professionals from the fields of education, human resources, consulting and finance. The combination of experience and knowledge helps us to understand the needs of parents and organizations, it allows us to design and implement solutions that improve the coexistence and company-employee relationships.

Our projects are governed by three main points:

  • Happy children is the main object of our efforts and of our educational project.
  • We understand that the quality of the facilities is essential to happiness, development, health and hygiene. We aim for high quality of materials and standard of service which leaves no room for improvisation.
  • Professional training and the experience of our staff is essential to Eduqa. Our focus on quality demands very professional and responsible attitudes in all tasks.