Your birthday in eduqa

cumple-tartaWe will organize your birthday in true cowboy style, or surrounded by fairies and elves in the enchanted forest! We can be princes and princesses…you choose the theme and we will take care of everything: entertainment, music, cake, fun! We will prepare everything for kids and any adults who accompany them… you just have to come along and enjoy!!

In eduqa we mark the difference in each one of our parties. Imagination and illusion are the basic ingredients. Everything else will be dictated by the age of the child, and how they want to celebrate their birthday! We’re sure to make your party unforgettable!!

We have:

  • Indoor and outdoor places to hold your celebration
  • Activities and entertainment suited to the age of the child
  • Snack, cake, piñata and much more!
Download the invitation card!:

(¡A PDF you can fill in and print or send by email!)invita-cumple

List of services:
  • Entertainers dressed as your favourite characters
  • Fun activities like playing pirates, hidden treasure, wards with swords, balloons…
  • Face painting: be get the party started by becoming our favourite characters: princesses, super heroes, pirates, fairies, lions, butterflies…
  • Songs and dances with our favourite music: the catchy dance beats, we’ll play musical chairs, musical statues…
  • Stories and magic: will we tell a story? Or better…will you help us tell it? Use your imagination and anything is possible! Adopt new personalities and we will create the story together. Enjoy storytelling, puppets or whatever you prefer!
  • Games and races: cooperative games as well as teams competing.

The party includes: decor, custom animation and directed activities, snack and above all…lots and lots of fun!!

Optional: sweeties, piñata, cake, snack for parents, animation in another language…

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