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In eduqa free time and leisure, you have lots of activities to choose from to enjoy all year round: special occasions, days off, hobbies etc. We make sure that you’ll be happy! We also take care of your parents and offer them many options so you can grow up happily, have a great day whilst they are working or help you celebrate a special day! Have fun with eduqa!
eduqa free time and leisure comprised of the following activities:

Extracurricular activities

In eduqa we offer a wide range of extracurricular activities for children up to 8 years old.

  • En-JOY English. The aim of this class is phonetic and lexical assimilation of the English language throughout play, crafts, theatre cooking etc. All with native teachers.
  • Petit Français. The aim of this class is phonetic and lexical assimilation of the French language throughout fun activities, crafts, theatre etc. All with native teachers.
  • Mind Play. Through games, rules, strategy etc. we achieve the objective of Mind Play: learning to think, develop cognitive skills, stimulate intelligence, enhancing reasoning and having a good time with friends. Children learn to make decisions, solve problems as well as reflect and tolerate failure. They become aware of the thought processes and can therefore apply these to all areas of their lives.
  • Arts and Crafts. The essence of creativity is to do or think about something new and different than what we have been taught. In Arts and Crafts we develop creativity through various art forms: design, games, colour, motion etc. Each workshop covers a theme and students develop their design around this. They pick and choose the material and colour that they wish to use. In each session, children can explore, discover and learn: painting, drawing, making masks, experimenting with clay, play-doh, origami etc.
  • Musical stimulation. In this class, taste is encouraged to create and participate in making music, to develop physical and vocal expression. We start with musical notes and work with small percussion instruments.
  • Little performers. This is an acting school for kids in which we work with awareness of ourselves to awareness of others. This is a class which treats the child as a person and an actor, stimulating their creativity and making them aware of what they have, what they can create and how they can enjoy expressing themselves. In classes we help develop interpretation, the body, the voice and the features of clowns. Activities are 100% in English.
  • Pre-sport. The pre-sport is an activity which aims to contribute to a child’s development through sports. It’s advantages include improved body motor (releases, stops, coordination and constructions) body control, learning to use all parts of the body relative to the environment around them, encouraging socialization and promotion of the social and natural values of sport.
Summer, Christmas and Easter camps

eduqa organizes camps during the holiday periods of Christmas, Easter and summer. The camps are educational based but the approach is easy going and fun. We organize workshops of storytelling, songs, crafts, water play, swimming and much more. The camps are structured weekly to accommodate different family holiday dates.



Amenities close to eduqa schools – where you can complete the schedule of your kids


Days off school

These are days when our children have school holidays, but we, as parents, have to go to work! The objectives and activities are very similar to those of our camps.


Your birthday in eduqa

We will organize your birthday in true cowboy style, or surrounded by fairies and elves in the enchanted forest! We can be princes and princesses…you choose the theme and we will take care of everything: entertainment, music, cake, fun! We will prepare everything for kids and any adults who accompany them… you just have to come along and enjoy!