eduqa organises sessions delivered by the schools’ professional educators and psychologists, around the difficult task of educating our children and the little challenges or difficulties we face day to day.

Our sessions are aimed at Mums and Dads who have small everyday problems and a great compassion for the education and well-being of their children.

Our Parents’ school is a place of learning, and a place where parents can acquire strategies to be able to handle any behaviour problems their child may have.

Through the collection of information, exchange of experiences and overall reflection, parents will find appropriate measures and skills to prevent or resolve any conflicts that arise in everyday situations.
Parenting is not an easy task, sometimes we face situations that overwhelm us and we don’t know how to cope. Not all children are the same, and the same goes for their behaviour. Sometimes, what is valid for one child does not work with another. We offer a place to stop, to reflect and to share our experiences.

General objectives
  • Understand our children and why they behave the way they do.
  • Observe the developmental stages of the child in able to understand the normal or expected behaviours according to their age.
  • Learn methods in order to be able to collaborate more effectively with the child.
  • Increase our sense of control in difficult situations.
  • Improve communication between parents and children.

The sessions consist of a theoretical part and also a practical part, in which exercises and experience exchanges are carried out to illustrate and adopt better grounds.

  • Parents of children from babies to age 12 with vocation and desire to stop and reflect on our daily life and raising children.
  •  Parents with some difficulty managing their children’s behaviour.
  • Parents who wish to learn to communicate more effectively in order to gain the child’s acceptance in relation to the rules and orders they establish. This can eliminate behaviour problems, improve the relationship with a child and create a peaceful family atmosphere.
Dates and Times

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