‘The moment a child is born, a mother is also born.’

Our Mothers’ groups provide a meeting place where women can share the experience of motherhood, where they can receive information, support and guidance at the beginning of the Mother-baby dyad.

In these groups, we create a space for personal growth and make it easy to stop along the way to share the events of becoming and being a mother.

The group was created as a welcoming place, a support group where you can get answers to any questions or concerns about raising your children.

Live this experience accompanied and supported by other women which will make parenting a richer experience – relieving any feelings of loneliness, anxiety or mistrust which may arise.


A maximum of 9 mothers per group


This activity consists of fortnightly one and a half hour sessions

Our staff

Doctor Loreto Cid Egea is a psychologist, teacher and lecturer in eduqa. She has more than 11 years’ experience as a psychotherapist and has a master’s degree in family therapy as well as individual and group psychotherapy.



‘The sooner, the better.’

Early stimulation sessions seek the global and harmonious development of the child. Whilst allowing the parents to learn new languages of communication with their child – through touch, movement, music and play.

As a group, babies from 4 to 12 months along with their mums/dads are guided by our psychomotor development professionals to perform motor exercises, activities, sensory play, massages…


A maximum of 7 babies per group.


This activity consists of weekly 55 minute sessions.

Our staff

Raquel is responsible for the area of psycho-motor skills development in eduqa. Graduated with a master’s in psychomotor practice and development, she is also a lecturer and a teacher. Raquel has been working in the field of infant psycho-motor development for more than 18 years and is Eduqa’s expert in the area.